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Jessica's Personal Profile.

Age: 20 Looking For: A serious Relationship

I am an 20 year old uni student, reading psychology. I am intelligent, regardless of what others may think :P I'm funn loving free spirited philosophical funny girl. I enjoy food, I enjoy sex, I enjoy reading, I find little things pleasurable ie walking through the park....but I'm tired of crap shags.. I don't believe in love.. and I don't want to waste my 20's without having some fun.

Louise's Personal Profile.

Age: 18 Looking For: A no strings fun

Hi I'm a hot, horny, hottie looking for a man to satisfy my voracious sexual appetite. I love experimenting in the bedroom and other places too. In fact the more sex the better as far as I'm concerned... any time, any place, any where... as the saying goes love having sex outdoors, with the risk of getting caught just adding to the excitement. If you fancy a tumble then get in touch and let's hook up for some hot, horny, passionate fun."

Amber's Personal Profile.

Age: 18 Looking For: Fun

Heya, Im Amber, im 18 turning 19 soon :D Im from yorkshire. I would say i am an attractive , fun bubbly sort of person am up for fun, and a good laugh. I am open minded about both men and women, hope too speak soon :D Love ya xxx mwah