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Alicia's Personal Profile.

Age: 24 Looking For: A serious Relationship

Hiya everyone!! I'm Alicia, i've just done my degree in teaching and at the moment i'm not looking to teach even though i would love to i'm going to leave it a few years and i'm going to go travelling hopefully in a few months. A lot of people i know who have been travelling have told me that they are often a changed person when they come back that they value life more etc so i want to get everything out of my system and try something i haven't tried before and this is one of the things i've never tried before so hopefully i can get some sexual fustration out of myself and have a good time. I have recently split up with my boyfriend and i think one of the reasons i've come to a site like this is because when you sleep with some one and it's not clear that its just fun they always expect a little bit more and want to go on dates etc, but i'm not looking for that i'm only looking for fun.

Alexandra's Personal Profile.

Age: 21 Looking For: A no strings fun

hello there, i'm alexandra! i'm honest and outgoing. i'm 20 years old. i am very fit. i'm currently a student going to be a kindergarden teacher. i live with my dad while i'm going to school.. i'm from idaho, usa. and i moved to england, mildenhall in october of 2009. i'm bicurious. and i am not ashamed of it. i have no kids but love them so much. i am looking for someone between 20 and 25 :) feel free to talk to me.

Michelle's Personal Profile.

Age: 26 Looking For: Fun

I haven't joined a site like this before but I've split up with another boyfriend and I've decided I've had enough of the type of guys I've been seeing so I thought this might be a good place to get what I want. I'm fed up of the sex I'm having, it's getting boring and predictable. I know it sounds cliche but it's true for me. No matter how many times you do it in one day if it's over in a few frantic minutes it gets boring. So if there's anyone looking at my profile that is up for trying some new things get in touch. Umm nothing too hardcore though, I'm just looking for a bit of fun! I don't really have a lot of kinky photos lying around or anything so I've had to try to take one myself... I think it's a pretty good effort for my first one though!