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Lola's Personal Profile.

Age: 24 Looking For: A serious Relationship

Hi im lola - its my stage name :-) im 22 and i work in Lapdancing/StripBar in shropshire. i love doing it, i just love the attention!!! sometimes when they ask for a private dance - i just cant help my quickly slide his dick into my wet moist pussy. When im dancing, the mens eyes on me makes me so horny - i guess it makes me a bit of an exhibitionist - but i love it!!!! :-)))) i have long brown hair, brown eyes and meditterean skin as my dad is originally from tunisia. anyway, if you fancy sliding your cock into my wet tight pussy - then send me a message!!! :-)) x x x x x

Alicia Marie's Personal Profile.

Age: 23 Looking For: A no strings fun

Hey eveyone!!! WELCOME to my profile! My name is Alicia Marie and im 19 years old! I live in shitty Shropshire where there is nothing to do! I used to play tennis for my county as number two. Im a realy nice girl and i dont bite. Im looking for a decent boyfriend who will love and look after me, my type of lad wud be a hot lad whos nice, friendly with a gorgeous smile, brave, romantic, caring, funny and jus someone to love me! If ur this guy tlk to me now! lol. I have never had a very good experience with guys and always end up getting hurt with my heart broken which is why every lad i get with im terrified that im gona loose him some how like i have done with the others, i dont have much self confidence. :( I have a little Bro called Luke, dog called Blainey and cat Sukie! I love doing art and working with young children. I wana become a model and have bin scouted a few times all ready. And i wanted to say the reason why i dont drink is because i suffer from panic attacks which aint very nice and which i take tablets for so cant mix alcohol with them.

Jenna's Personal Profile.

Age: 24 Looking For: Fun

Hi im from telford , i am usally a very happy person and up for anything!! but also i can be a bit shy when trying to do new things depending on what its is and who its with. I am into the usal pubs , clubs , going to the cinema and up for a bit of fun. I am quite relaxed and dont mind being told what to whether it is by men or women. Hope to hear from you soon!! love Jenna..x