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Dagmar's Personal Profile.

Age: 24Looking For: A serious Relationship

I am not interested in most guys and besides, perhaps that's what makes those few unique individuals that I do fuck, all the more special. I knit, I read, I listen to music, I talk about music, I sit outside and I like the sun. I also (perhaps unfortunately?) have an unusually high sex drive. I'm looking for someone to lust after. Ideally someone who is dominant and will take charge (male or female). Honestly, if you're tall, skinny and have stubble, message me. Gingers hold a certain appeal for me as well.I'm unsure of what to write to be honest, but I'll update this profile when I have a better idea of this site.

Rose's Personal Profile.

Age: 20 Looking For: A no strings fun

I'm not really sure what I am looking for maybe your the one who will help me out. I'm a size 14/16 so not a small girl!! Like it or leave it!! I have always wanted to be used and abused! No extreme pain or anything.. Tied up and just used in anyway u want too...

Jennifer's Personal Profile.

Age: 29 Looking For: Fun

I am here looking for someone really nice to be with not only for sex benefits but satisfaction and happiness...i am looking for someone really fit, matured, understanding and caring ...size dont matter to me long as satisfaction...