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Vicki's Personal Profile.

Age: 27 Looking For: A serious Relationship

Im a mum, iv got 2 daughters (5yrs n 1yr). Im easy going n like 2 hav fun. My friends r very important 2 me. Im easy 2 get along with n attractive. I got mistaken 4 Michelle out of Coronation street b4, which was really flattering. Lookin 4 sum1 fun, thortful, kind n nice looking.

Ffion's Personal Profile.

Age: 25 Looking For: A no strings fun

Hi there, i'm Ffion from Abertillery. A welsh girl through and through... I've lived here my whole life and went to Uni in Caerdydd too!!! I work as a Secondary school teacher and love it... I don't really have time to have a serious relationship at the moment so joined the site to meet men for fun. My typical guy is a nice big Rugby type, but all others are welcome to apply! I love spontaneous sex, outdoor sex and noisy sex. I love the rush of having an orgasm from a man for the first time, so if you want to meet up with me an orgasm is most definitely required! I love a man who's good with his hands, having a man play with my pussy for ages is the best feeling. Making me wet and playing with my clit til I cum... Anyway, I'm all worked up now so will leave it there!

Saffir's Personal Profile.

Age: 27 Looking For: Fun

I've just spent the last 2 years travelling around Australia and America, i've been back about 3 weeks and there is no talent at all where i am living at the moment and even though i don't have a massive sex drive it would still be good to talk dirty to some one or have some one talk dirty to me, interested? get in touch. x