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Carrissa's Personal Profile.

Age: 23 Looking For: A serious Relationship

I am in a relationship but im not happy, and i have to wait to sell our house b4 ending it for my own reasons. Im fun and out-going, and i love a good chit chat. Give me a topic and i could talk for days ;-) Im not just looking for a fumble, Im looking for a guy who will treat me with the up most respect and want to spend time with me! Im a dancer and love to bend into all postions for you in the bedroom ;-) I love soft passionate sex with lots of teasing and soft fucking! xxx

Trisha's Personal Profile.

Age: 21 Looking For: A no strings fun

Getting to know one is the opportunity I shouldn’t miss. Although meeting someone online lacks some personal qualities, it plays an important role in exploring posibilities. I am still single and haven’t involved in any serious relationships. I should say… I didn’t spent much time with guys. But I really wanted to know them better and meet someone who can share with me what really love means. Is sex can be equated with love? I want a guy to answer this question. And then, we will bot explore the possibilites.

p>Lauren's Personal Profile.

Age: 20 Looking For: Fun

I dont care if my hairs bleached and my eyelashes are fake, Im who I want to be.. Dont like it? Do one. Simple as. :) You'll message me saying I could get any guy I want, yeah I probably could, but Im just on here looking for fun...could result in whatever but mainly fun :) And don't assume I'm dumb, because Im not. If I haven't scared you off by now, send me a message! :)