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Laycee's Personal Profile.

Age: 21 Looking For: A serious Relationship

Hi im Laycee! Im 20, im flirty, dirty and fun :) Im looking to meet guys similar to me, i love older guys so please dont hesitate because of my age... Im at College at the moment training to be a beautician/hair and make up artist and I love it! I love making people smile and i am a great dancer ;) If you want to find out more please contact me... i cant wait :)

Sarah's Personal Profile.

Age: 23 Looking For: A no strings fun

hiya! im sarah, im from berks in the slough area. really enjoy my work, love to play hard with all the girls. really into boys that like to be boys hate men that take themselves seriously! looking for serious fun im going to try and keep this thing short and to the point as there is no point in really blabbing on about this. i like boys to be more serious and to the point like myself hate game players.

Bianca's Personal Profile.

Age: 25 Looking For: Fun

I'm a student but still living at home..the amount it cost for accomodation at uni is i have it so easy at home it really would be a waste to move out right now :-) but also i am there little princess..little do they no how much of a bad girl i am when i want to be as most people know uni girls are very wild and sexually active and im just looking to get as much as i can while i can.i love a man who can really work it in the bedroom men that are all talk and no trousers when it comes to laying it down is a definate NO NO!