November 3, 2017
Bad Boy

Should You Be A Good Or Bad Boy

Bad Boys Have More Fun? Do Bad Boys always get the girls? Do good guys always finish last, as the saying goes. But does this hold […]
September 24, 2017
Adult Affairs

He Led Me To An Affair

It has been about two weeks since I found out that my husband was having an affair with his secretary. Ever since then, it felt like […]
July 6, 2017
Adult Dating

Free Affairs

Affairs can be exciting. But free affairs? Now that just ups the ante because you get to experience all of the excitement without putting a hole through your wallet.
September 7, 2016

Extramarital Affairs

Marriage is a lifetime commitment that few can actually stay true to, so it's not surprising to learn about the prevalence of extramarital affairs even when they are frowned on by conservative groups.
September 6, 2015

What To Do When Your Wife Discovers You’re Having an Affair

Nobody likes being cheated, on so once your wife finds out you are engaging on illicit affairs with another woman or a man, her initial reaction would be to get upset with you.
June 22, 2011
Singles Dating

Affairsdating Should They Complain

Why can an advert in the street cause so much consternation? Well that was exactly what happened to another internet company who decided to stick a poster in the street advertising their services under the banner “Can you keep a secret”
September 10, 2010
Adult Dating For Ladies

How To Cheat And Get Away With It

If you’re thinking of cheating, you are not alone. Many people in marriages and relationships may never admit to even thinking about cheating, but you can bet they do
September 7, 2010
Internet dating

Married Women Looking

Online dating has changed the way we meet and date people and the same benefit is provided to married women looking for new lovers. Nowadays, you can find several married women looking for fellow married individuals
September 7, 2010
Adult Affairs

Married but looking for an affair

People who are married looking affair are people who are usually lonely or unfulfilled in their marriage. Somewhere in their married life, an emotional void is formed because their spouses have lost interest in them or they simply lack attention and love that they originally got from their loved one.