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Type in the term Adult Dating adult contacts into any search engine and the results would take you a year to digest. 10 million 900 thousand references to the term adult dating contained within the World Wide Web Wow! A little curious we dug deeper; how many people actually search on the term Adult Dating every month in the UK? Surprised again we found that there were on average 165 000 searches every month with 110 000 in the month of October 2010 alone.

So what is this phenomenon all about and why use an on-line internet dating site like affairs and dating. Well you don’t need me to insult your intelligence defining the words adult and dating but what do people using these sites expect to find and why use an internet adult dating site instead of the traditional methods: Boy sees girl, girl notices boy, they both exchange smiles one plucks up the courage to start a conversation and before long wine, roses and nights of plentiful lust or if you are really lucky straight to the sex. So we are all familiar with our inherited mating patterns so why now in this age of technology are we using our fingers to search for fun on internet adult dating sites.

Adult dating sites offer the user certain benefits when compared to other forms of dating. For starters one of the major attractions must be the anonymity. The ability to take time composing a person profile, the ability to post an image highlighting your most attractive features (or someone else’s!!); and the ability to search and flirt with others members in your time without the fear of rejection. Compare this with traditional forms of adult dating: having dressed to impress and consumed copious amounts of alcohol to give you strength you finally see that perfect date across the crowded bar. You catch her eye, she politely smiles back…….do you, can you approach the person of your dreams, what if they say no, imagine how you will feel? Three hours later and a few more drinks you go home alone having spent all your money and no date…was it worth it.

Stick to Adult Dating sites!

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