Extra Marital Affairs

Recent studies into relationships suggest that 40% of women and 60% of men will at some stage in their marriage have extramarital affairs. This figure seems hard to believe but when you combine the two the figures are staggering: 80% of all marriages will have one spouse involved in marital infidelity.

So why is this happening and what are the signs that indicate that someone close to you either is or may be about to get involved.

Obvious telltale signs include changes in the person’s habits and behaviour. Lack of interest in normal day to day activities, working longer hours, going to the gym or simply a new smell may cause you to think.

Ok so some of the signs are obvious but what about the root causes that make a person male of female divert from their marital vows. It is very easy to say that all extramarital affairs are wrong and shouldn’t happen but the reality is far from perfect. Life does create changes in opinions falling in love is easy but we all know that some relationships will not survive. So in situations where two people have fallen out of love the justification to look for a new partner can be argued.

Statistics say that more men will have affairs due to the fact that they are all “pigs” with no self control? This may be true but some say that men are hunter gatherers by nature so genetics has determined their desire to mate and don’t forget the “Medical Condition”. A well know golfer conveniently booked himself into a sex addiction clinic blaming an illness on the fact that he was unfaithful 15 times.

So what conclusions can be drawn from infidelity? The first is that it doesn’t always have to be wrong! Bored housewives or couples are in a love less relationship with irreconcilable differences then why shouldn’t they look for fun in the arms of another? Second, it takes two to tango yes men seem to be the majority but year on year more and more women are finding justification to fool around.

Lastly whether it is right or wrong one thing is for sure it’s easier for some than others to have an affair. Ask that famous golfer…I am sure he wooed the girls into bed because of his great looks and personality and his wealth and celebrity status had nothing to do with it.