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Illicit Encounter in the UK


What makes the idea of an illicit encounter attractive? Many people find having an affair enticing simply because it's something forbidden. It's basic human nature to want or crave for something that you can't easily have, or, in this case, something that you're not allowed to have. It's like chocolates. Everyone says chocolates are bad for you and because they keep telling you that you shouldn't eat them, you find yourself making secret trips to the fridge every night just so you can get your hands on that large chunk of chocolate cake.

It's a secret

There's something exciting about the idea of keeping a secret affair. It's like knowing something that the whole world doesn't know. An illicit encounter is enticing because you have to exert the extra effort to keep yourself from getting caught. You're committing a social taboo, after all.

Is it possible?

These days, technology has made it possible for you to have an illicit affair and not get found out. The internet contains a wealth of resources that you can use and venues where you can meet people looking for the same kind of uncomplicated fun that your craving for. By simply going online, you can flirt around with people from within your area and even with those based in different parts of the country or the world. You get into the dating scene even when you're already married in reality. If you want to take the illicit encounter offline, you can very well do so provided that you practice discretion, of course.

Heads up

Not all illicit affairs can save marriages but having one or two, according to some therapists, can actually help keep couples together. In many cases, affairs are wake-up calls saying that there is something in the marriage that needs to be repaired or improved. In other cases, an illicit encounter can also help broaden one's sexual experience. In a sense, you still end up contributing something into your current relationship. Just make sure that your other half doesn't find out who you're playing with to keep things as simple as possible. Having a fling just for the fun of it isn't all that bad so long as both parties understand that there really is no commitment and there will never be one.

Here at Affairs and Dating, we offer a discrete and secured way of flirting around with interesting individuals from your area. Registration is free so sign up through this website today.

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