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A Bit On The Side

Everyone is prone to having a bit on the side, which is an expression used to describe an extra marital affair. Depending on the reason for doing so, there are those who feel that having someone else on the side does not mean that they do not love their spouse or partner anymore. Still, there remains a question whether or not monogamy is better left ignored because of the fact that people are recognizing that being attracted to others is inevitable. Basically, we have to be honest about the reality that we can have a bit on the side because of numerous temptations around us.

New love, more excitement

Relationships and marriages often end because one partner is having illicit encounters, adultery. However, some people realize that their lovers can actually bring more happiness to them in terms of love and sexual encounters instead of their real spouses or partners. This makes them more inclined to cheat on their partners because they could not get the gratification that they are looking for from them anymore. No matter whom they are or what position in life they are in, these people will end up looking for a new mate somewhere else.

Who gets a bit?

Both men and women are prone to cheating on their partners but it is believed that the male population is the one that is more likely to have extra marital affair However, women nowadays are also looking for ways to fulfil their desires outside their empty marriage and they start looking for potential illicit encounters that can satiate their real needs. Just like men, they can meet potential lovers within their circle of friends, in their workplace, during an event, or over the internet. It may start out as simple encounters and meetings over coffee with long talks that eventually develop into a fling until everything becomes a full-blown affair.

Questioning morality

Very few people view extra marital affairs to be right. Based on a research, monogamy provides us with 2 views including the belief that infidelity is morally incorrect, and that modern society is making affairs more likely to happen. Historically, men would look for wives who have the potential to be mothers of their children and are socially suitable, while women would find husbands who are good providers and kind to them. However, there are changes in this ideal that suddenly required both the male and the female to share love and feelings before anything can happen. A relationship or marriage that is found wanting makes having a bit on the side more likely to happen.

Having an open mind

If you are looking forward to having an affair, you have come to the right place. Affairs and Dating is an adult dating site that caters to people like you who are looking for more love and excitement outside their boring relationship. As a member, you’ll get the chance to make a free profile and use our private messaging system to start interacting with a potential mate. Affairs and Dating also specializes in publishing stories of encounters that you can read and you can also submit yours for free. Find out more about Affairs and Dating by exploring this website and register for free.

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